Thursday, April 05, 2007

US and British Casualties in Iraq

With US troops in Iraq having suffered 18 deaths in
the first 5 days of April and the Britain having
suffered 6, this is shaping-up to be one of the worst
months for British as well as US casualties since the
beginning of the war.

Combined, the ongoing military
death toll for the US and Britain is running at 4.8
per day this month--well over two times the average
daily death toll since the beginning of the War in
March of 2003.

Since the beginning of the War there have been 3,265 US
military deaths, over 25,000 total US military
casualties, and over 60,000 Iraqi civilians. For
important details see attached report on the 4th year
from Iraq Body Count.

Before April, we had just completed the worst
six-month period for US casualties (including deaths)
since March of 2003.

In the six month period ended March 31, 2007 there
were more US military killed in Iraq than in any
consecutive 6 month period since the war started in
March of 2003.

Oct '06 through March '07 544 deaths (3.0/day)
April '06 through Sept '06 386 deaths (2.1/day)
Oct '05 through Mar '06 396 deaths (2.2/day)
April '05 through Sept '05 398 deaths (2.2/day)
Oct '04 through Mar '05 473 deaths (2.6/day)
April '04 through Sept '04 285 deaths (1.6/day)


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